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TrainingForce Quest

TrainingForce Quest


TrainingForce Quest™ administers course evaluations and tests. Get instant feedback on your training and analyze results over time. You’ll know exactly how effective your classes really are and if students are benefiting from them.

  • Quest can be configured for non-graded surveys or graded exams.
  • Examinations can include multiple choice, true/false, or text-based questions.
  • Examinations can include a timed element, requiring the exam be completed in a specific amount of time.
  • The passing score, as well as the weight of each question and answer, are set by the administrator.
  • Administrators have the option of using exams or surveys in a variety of ways – where passing the exam successfully completes the class, or whether simply taking the exam completes the class. In some cases the survey or exam is completely independent of class completion.
  • The student’s grade(s) are captured, as well as individual question statistics.
  • Full reporting on each exam or survey, including the export of all questions and answers, is available through Manager.
  • Survey feedback can be set to allow anonymous feedback.
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