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TrainingForce PowerPack

TrainingForce PowerPack


TrainingForce PowerPack™ is the advanced jobs to skills management that is provided with TrainingForce PowerPack. You’ll know who needs what training and when it is needed with TrainingForce PowerPack.

  • PowerPack allows you to set up skills and skills packages (groups of skills), which can be tied to an individual student, a job title, or a piece of equipment.
  • Qualified individuals can access PowerPack through LaunchPad to record initial and recurring performance of a skill through the student’s demonstration or observation.
  • Skills can have defined qualification periods during which a skill must be obtained.
  • Skill competency can be recorded by successfully completing a course in addition to demonstration or observation.
  • For observed skills, a student’s proficiency can be recorded as well (proficiency levels are fully customizable).
  • A Skills Queue shows an overview of students and skills that are expiring, allowing the administrator to plan training.
  • For demonstrated skills, each attempt and a relevant score can be recorded.
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