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TrainingForce LaunchPad

TrainingForce LaunchPad


TrainingForce LaunchPad™ creates your dynamic, hands-free website that allows students, instructors and administrators to view your entire course catalog online. Students can also register for classes LIVE on your site. It’s like having a new employee that works 24/7 without a break!

  • Customize the student experience by turning individual features on or off
  • Editing the instructions and help text and customize the labels used
  • Students can view scheduled classes, available courses, and self-paced classes
  • Each learning activity can also be assigned to a specific category.
  • The course catalog can also be displayed as a calendar.
  • Students can view rich details about each course or class such as the class summary and agenda.
  • Students can register for classes in a few simple steps.
  • Students can see their complete training history and access certificates.
  • Instructors can access their teaching schedule and view registrant’s contact information
  • Instructors can print sign-in sheets (rosters), post attendance and grades.
  • Managers or mentors can access information on their individual students (with PowerPack).
  • Students can access and respond to surveys and exams. (with Quest).
  • Utilize SCORM-compliant content directly within the LaunchPad (with OnDemand Learning)
  • Track skills, certifications and competencies and record observed skills when used with TrainingForce PowerPack.
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