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TrainingForce is a suite of software applications that target specific needs of active training centers. The modular nature of TrainingForce allows you to choose just those features needed for your site. TrainingForce Manager is the only required module.  Click the items below for more detail.

TrainingForce Manager application - Click for more

TrainingForce Manager

TrainingForce Manager™ is the core administrative tool used by staff to manage your training center.

TrainingForce LaunchPad application - Click for more

TrainingForce LaunchPad

TrainingForce LaunchPad™ creates your dynamic, hands-free website that allows students,  instructors and administrators to view your entire course…

TrainingForce Quest appliction - Click for more

TrainingForce Quest

TrainingForce Quest™ administers course evaluations and tests.  Get instant feedback on your training and analyze results over time…

TrainingForce Attendant application - Click for more

TrainingForce Attendant

TrainingForce Attendant™ is our correspondence automation tool.  It automatically sends emails to students, instructors, and staff.  Confirmation letters…

TrainingForce OnDemand application - Click for more

TrainingForce OnDemand

TrainingForce OnDemand Learning™ provides for the delivery of SCORM-conformant courses.  TrainingForce OnDemand Learning contains a website…

TrainingForce PowerPack application - Click for more

TrainingForce PowerPack

TrainingForce PowerPack™ is the advanced jobs-to-skills management that is provided with the LMS.

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